2017 Direct Donation Drive

Dear Spencer Butte Families and Friends,


The Direct Donation Drive has been extended to February 28th!


This drive is an opportunity for you to invest directly in the education of your child and the children of the whole Spencer Butte community. While we all wish school district funds would cover the entire cost of the services we want for our children, each year we face the prospect of budget cuts and staffing reductions.


odeThe good news is that the annual Direct Donation Drive has been an on-going success at Spencer Butte Middle School. It has enabled us to maintain core programs and enrichment like the library. This past year it has enabled us to add an elective section and reduce core class sizes from 31 to 28. As a result, our teachers and staff have been able to provide a truly exceptional educational experience to our community’s children. In fact, for the last five years the Oregon Department of Education has identified Spencer Butte as one of the highest performing middle schools in the State.


WeNeedYouOur success is due in large part to the extraordinary professionalism and caliber of our teaching staff and the support of parents and community members. Your contribution during the Direct Donation Drive is one those key supports that ensures a high level of education and opportunity for your student and others. Working together, we can continue to make Spencer Butte Middle School one of the best places in Oregon for students to learn and grow.


Our fundraising goal this year is $20,000. Any contribution helps and will be put to good use. If every family donated an average of $44.00 per child, we would reach this goal easily. There is no upper or lower limit.


How can you help?


taxdeductThis year’s drive is from December 5th to February 28th in case anyone wants to list their donation as a tax deduction this year. Please consider donating as soon as you can to support staffing decisions made this coming March of 2018 which depend on how much money we raise. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at 541-790-8300.



Jerry Rosiek                                                                                    Tasha Katsuda

DDD Parent Coordinator                                                            Principal