Greetings from the Spencer Butte Band Room!


Welcome to Band! In band we’ll work together to learn the language of music. I am very happy to have your student in the Spencer Butte band program and look forward to a great musical year!


Developing a solid musical foundation so students may enjoy lifelong musical activities,we focus on the following goals in band:

  1. Develop individual musicianship, primarily through playing music on your chosen instrument. We will also study musical nomenclature, theory, and history, complete listening assignments, as well as practice sight singing and ear training exercises.
  2. Develop ensemble skills through rehearsals.
  3. Perform!


  1. Enter the room quietly and focused on the rehearsal.
  2. Be (and remain) in your assigned seat with working instrument, materials, and pencil before class begins. Pencils must be sharp before class begins.
  3. Raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak.
  4. Play as instructed, when instructed.
  5. If it’s not your instrument, don’t touch or play it.
  6. Do your best, with a positive attitude.


Band grades are made up of three parts based on a point system.

  1. Rehearsal Grade (50% of total grade):  Follow expectations listed above. 5 points awarded daily. Points subtracted for any infractions of expectations.
  2. Playing (10% of total grade) and Written Tests (4% of total): Practice at least 5 days per week. Students should practice till they meet a practice goal. For example, one practice goal will be to memorize a Bb scale played on quarter notes at 88 beats per minute. The goals I will list for students will typically require about 20 minutes of practice to accomplish. There is no need for students to keep a practice log- passing playing tests is proof of practice. Students unable to practice at home can practice in the band room during lunch.
  3. Concerts (36% of total grade): ¬†Play all scheduled performances (see school calendar). Concerts are our final exams. They are also unique events, and there is no way to duplicate or make them up. Please check now for concert dates on the school year calendar. If there’s an emergency be sure to contact me.


Class Materials

Instrument-complete and working.

Special needs for instrument (reeds, neck strap, valve oil).

Folder of sheet music (provided). Please purchase for Beginning Band- Standard of Excellence, Bk. 1, for Advanced Band-Standard of Excellence, Bk.2.

Sharpened pencil (pen is not O.K., not even erasable pen).

Tuner/Metronome highly recommended. Many apps available on cell phones.


Performance Dress

Black pants or skirt, socks and shoes. White shirt or blouse. Ties, suspenders, and sports coats are also welcome.

This is referred to as Concert Black, and is an old tradition wherein the individual performer looks good, but does not draw undue attention to themselves.

No need to purchase items, but get as close to the above with what you have.


Private Lessons

Private lessons can be very valuable for students who wish to accelerate their instrumental progress. Prices and degrees of student expectations vary widely amongst private instructors- I encourage you to shop around and ask them questions. For more information, please send me an email.


Steve Robare, Band director