The Spencer Butte Site Council meets generally every third Tuesday once a month from 7:45 to 8:30am. See the school calendar for specific dates. The agenda for the meeting will typically be posted on the Monday afternoon before the meeting. Visitors are welcome.

Responsibilities of the SBMS Site Council

School Improvement Efforts: A major responsibility of the Council is overseeing efforts for school improvements. The Council is responsible for the Spencer Butte School Improvement Plan — updating, evaluating, and modifying its goals, strategies, and action plans. Council members need to be familiar with Oregon’s Educational Act for the 21st Century, the Common Curriculum Goals, and other state documents and standards as well as the curriculum standards for the Eugene School District.

Program: Associated with school improvement efforts are decisions that need to be made regarding the program. Careful planning is required to ensure that we are offering the best program possible for students given the budget restraints.

Budget: The Council develops the yearly budget and prioritizes staff requests. Included in this process is making decisions regarding the distribution of money earned by our Walk the Amazon annual fundraiser.

Grant Writing And Coordination: The Council is responsible for reviewing and approving grant applications.

Proposals To Staff: The Council brings proposals to the staff for their vote for approval.

Contact The Site Council: E-mail the Site Council: Amy Johnson

The Site Council does not discuss issues concerning individual students, faculty or staff.

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