Thank you!

Thank you to all the volunteers, staff and students who contributed to this year’s Artstravaganza — from the delicious fajita dinner, artfully wrapped auction items, to wonderful student performances — Spencer Butte thanks you for supporting our arts program!

Check out the 1.5 minute video of a few moments we captured here and there throughout the evening at this link and on our website.


Gayle Truax

Amanda Joseph

Scott Lilly

Amanda Holland

Bree Bouse

Gabriela Gardiol

Charlie Loeb

Lisa Tolonen

Tara Sloan

Aaron Krienert

Jen Doerr

Debbie Fraser

Lisa Kinser-Wehr

Brittany England

Margaret Albright


Thank you to Chris Dobson (Choir), Steve Robare (Band) and Kim Hanson (Art) for supporting the student performances and presentations! The event raised $3,477.50 to be allocated to enriching the staffing for the arts at SBMS.