Math in Real Life

Lies, d*** lies, and statistics? Not for our algebra students! They’re deeply engaged in learning about statistics and data modeling, and connecting their classroom learning with the real world.

Students in Sara Jenson’s algebra class have been learning about statistics and how to model two-variable data. In their culminating project, students have chosen a real-world topic related to social justice and equity issues, identified two quantitative variables, and completed a full analysis of their association.

It’s all part of the Math in Real Life Project, a grant-supported teaching and learning partnership between 4J, Bethel, Lane ESD and other districts. The project is fostering instruction of applied mathematics by highlighting the natural interconnectedness of math to other disciplines, and supporting the design and implementation of math lessons with an equity and culturally responsive lens. Simply put, in this approach the teacher engages students in academic tasks and topics that connect in some way to their lives and communities, future educational pursuits or current interests.