Harassment and Racism Free Zone



All School Assembly:  Friday, October 20th  2:30 in the large gym

The Spencer Butte Middle School staff, students, and community declared the school a “Racism Free Zone” on April 13, 1988, with the support and encouragement of Superintendent Margaret Nichols and various community organizations (e.g. CALC). This stance was in response to a district task force report on the state of racism and harassment in our communities and schools.

Student representatives from each class formed a leadership team to write, gather signatures of commitment as well as plan an assembly as the first step of a journey to learn, commit to, and work together to make the school a place where everybody belongs.

At the first assembly, students and community leaders supported and expressed what an RFZ (now HRFZ) meant to them and commitment signatures were displayed.  Jesse Jackson (running for president and in Eugene at the time) even signed in honor to the statement.  The assembly is now an annual event, designed to compliment social justice instruction and inspire leadership to sustain the ideals of the HRFZ for the school and living community.

HRFZ photo