Update on School Moving Forward for Spencer Butte

Update on School Moving Forward for Spencer Butte

Spencer Butte Community,


My best wishes to you and your families as you navigate these times. Staff have been back to work since Monday getting ready to serve students moving forward.


Here are some key updates for SBMS students and families:
  • School will be re-starting on Monday April 6th using distance learning. We are working with the district to make sure that all of our students can access our distance learning classes and we are following up with those of you who have not yet completed the district technology survey.
  • During the first week back we will not introduce any new grade level material. As they would after any lengthy break from their material, teachers will review previous concepts and skills from the year with relevant, engaging lessons.
  • Our main focus the first week is to get students, parents, and staff comfortable with our technology tools (email, Google Classroom, and Zoom video conferencing).
  • Starting sometime the week of April 13th, we will move into the third trimester schedule. Teachers will be working together to prioritize what gets covered given that we have never tried anything like this before and we have lost weeks of instruction.
  • Our IEP and 504 case managers are working closely with teachers to help design lessons with accommodations built in. We will be working to ensure that this change in teaching and learning works as well as possible for all students.
  • Teachers will be calling you Wednesday through Friday to try to make a personal contact with a parent/guardian, see how the school can support you, and hopefully chat for a minute with your child. Their call may show in the caller ID as BLOCKED. We are asking that teachers call two times in a row when they are trying to reach you, so look for that and please answer their call if you are available. Since they are calling 30+ students each, please help them limit these calls to 10 minutes.
  • Students will have approximately 30 minutes of learning time per class, which for SBMS would be 3 hours. They will rarely be attending classes at a specific time. Instead, teachers will be posting daily assignments and materials in Google Classroom. In addition, teachers will have virtual office hours where students/families can video conference with the teacher to ask questions and get further instruction. Students can do the assignments whenever they have the time and turn them in electronically.
  • We will also be providing instruction on socio-emotional learning, physical activity, and wellness.
Our staff is incredible and they are doing their work in a context where there are more questions than answers. We want to provide excellent learning opportunities that include every student and we are learning as we go. We welcome your feedback and support!








Since school closed, our state department of education and the school district has had an evolving response to serving students when school are closed. As described in the documents linked below, the state is now considering what education will look like in the event that schools are closed beyond April 28.



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