August 26, 2022


August 26, 2022


Coming Events:

September 5th        ——————  Labor Day

September 7th        —————–  First Day of School for 6th grade only

September 8th        —————– All grades at school



The Spencer Butte staff is very excited to welcome all of our students to the 2022-2023 school year! My name is Paula Nolan and I am the new principal at SBMS. Spencer Butte is a school focused on the academic and social development of all students. The partnership between school and home is critical and as the school’s principal and a Spencer Butte parent myself, I want you to know that we respect the trust that you place in us. We take the responsibility for your child’s physical safety, mental health, and learning seriously. When Spencer Butte students leave our building we want them to feel confident in themselves as people and in their academic abilities.

The beginning of the school year brings a flurry of activity both at the school and in a family’s life. This document contains the information that you need to get your student(s) here and ready on their first day of school. After the beginning of the school year we will be sending home a family handbook- but for now we want to keep information streamlined. There are a few tasks for families to complete as well as additional information about the school year on the Spencer Butte Webpage via the link below.]


Paula Nolan



WEB stands for Where Everyone Belongs! Being new to the school, 6th graders are typically nervous, have tons of questions, or simply just need some encouragement and support. And for that…we have 7th and 8th grade WEB leaders! 6th graders will be guided by WEB leaders on their first day of school on Sept. 7th and will spend time getting to know them through fun activities.



School meals will be available FREE to all students in 4J schools throughout the 2022–23 school year, thanks to the extension of a federal program that makes it possible to provide the meals at no cost to families. However, we are still asking families to fill out the application for free meals, as it helps keep the funding for this in our schools.



We are excited to announce that parents and family members can once again join us inside the Spencer Butte building! Community and parent volunteers new to our school need to complete an online volunteer background check at –

All information on the application is sensitive and will be maintained in a confidential manner.



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