Comprehensive Distance Learning

Comprehensive Distance Learning

Student email access: Students will need to use a web browser for accessing their 4J email. The 4J Student email link is here: 

CDL Family Handbook: 4j School District’s Onboarding handbook, for Comprehensive Distance Learning.

Canvas: Once students have verified 4J email access, the next thing students for them to do is access their Canvas account. In order to do so, students can navigate to the Canvas Registration page, click on the Canvas for Students icon and follow the directions for establishing their Canvas account.

Once established, students should see the classes they are scheduled to take in the coming term. Families should take this opportunity to set up their Canvas accounts as well. Doing so allows you the ability to more easily track what is happening in the classroom, check on student progress and sign up as an observer. Families can register as a course observer from the same Canvas Registration page where students registered by clicking on the Canvas for Parents icon. You can find more information about the role of an observer and additional directions for setting it up by clicking here and you can explore canvas as a student and parent by clicking here for a tutorial.

Zoom Video Conferencing: Spencer Butte will be using the Zoom platform for classroom meetings, teachers office hours, and some instruction. Students must use their 4J email accounts when setting up their Zoom accounts. Students are expected to follow appropriate Zoom video conferencing etiquette when using this app. For more information about Zoom, CLICK HERE. 

Username and Password Information:  This same username has been used to access email and Google docs and Google Classroom (which was the primary learning platform in the spring).  A typical username will look something like this: jdoe06  To obtain your student’s username: email Hanna Sites at

6th grade passwords have been reset to. Contact Hanna Sites to get your password.

For security reasons, your student must change their password once they have logged in and share it with you to keep in a safe space.  To change their password, go to:  Please note: This only works if your student knows their username and current password.

7th and 8th grade passwords – these will remain the same as last year.  If your student has forgotten their password and needs it reset you can:

  • Email Hanna Sites at, OR
  • Follow this link to submit a request a password change through 4j Technology. Note: this process may take longer as this is an option for all 4j students.

Advanced Technology Support

For those with no internet connection, there is a Parent Help Desk Support/Voicemail: 541-790-7770. Please write this information down just in case you have internet connection problems.

There is a parent/student support portal at where there is a form for requesting support. This portal also has help instructions in PDF format, such as how to reset an iPad, with many of the documents in Spanish. Parents can also email

Canvas Tutorial for Parents and Students (requires students to have Canvas account activated)

Technology Help for Parents and Students is here! CLICK to visit the website

Quicksheet – YouTube Restricted Mode (if you are having trouble viewing videos)

SBMS iPad Agreement CLICK HERE