Walk the Amazon Fundraiser!

This year we have selected Community Connection and Kindness as our focuses for our fundraiser. We have found that fall fundraisers are a key component of building a stronger Spencer Butte Community while raising funds for kindness projects.

Last year, our Kind-of-a-thon fundraiser was a huge success! The funds raised allowed us to provide student initiated projects that helped support our school, our SBMS stakeholders, and the community at large. We created a way to incorporate community building, fun, kindness and fundraising into one big event. Last year we added a community connection component and, again, huge success. Because of the huge successes we have had, we are building on the amazing energy and momentum of Kindness and Community Connection.

This year we stand with those values and are bringing back our Walk The Amazon component, a school tradition that started in 2006.

We will be hosting a fundraiser for our students to collect money to help fund activities of Community Connection and Kindness. Once we have completed this fundraiser, we will be working with our students and staff to solidify plans of how the funds will be utilized. Some of the thoughts that have already been proposed are:

  • Student clubs
  • Staffing for after hours events
  • Student driven campaigns
  • Opportunities to provide service and kindness to local community partners
  • Student initiated Kindness projects
  • School supplies
  • Field trips
  • Fresh produce and perishables for our food drive
  • School needs and operations

If you would like to donate, please call 541-790-8300, or click the link below:


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